NEUROFLOW is an emanation of a series of performances using the historic game console Space war from 1971 from the Berlin Computerspielemuseum. Mission: brainwave inputs into a techno historic object. The neurogame is a brain function test. Interaction and input with EMOTIVe Interfaces.

funded by Capital Cultural Fund Germany

work in progress

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Please also check NEUROSPACE

a retrofuturistic Brain Game* live presented on the iconic Computerspace Console from 1971. Including a Live-action Roleplay, scene brain-states, Neuro-Interfaces and the console. The series of performance plays is developed by the Ludic-Society founder and artist MARGARETE JAHRMANN (Zurich), the Neurophilosopher and LARP expert HERWIG KOPP (Berlin), and the media artist and sound performer THOMAS WAGENSOMMERER (Vienna) . Live film shooting by Samuel Dematraz, Ecliptic Films, Sion. Made possible with the friendly support of Computerspielemuseum Berlin.